Monday, July 30, 2007

EFY Friends

Last week Kerry and I went to BYU for EFY. It was really fun being with together and being with the students. We only had 300 people or so at our session, (I like the energy of the big 1200 kids sessions) but it was really fun anyway. They were from all over the states and even some from other countries. Kerry did a great job on her talks, and mine all went well too. (I think the secret is to stay in the scriptures.) I like teaching and being with the teenagers, but I really enjoy my time with the young adults who make up the team of counselors. It is so neat to see them at the edge of adult things and wondering what to do. Now that they are older they all think they are at the "end of all their troubles", little do they know. I can't wait to see what happens to them.

We met some great new friends, Jon H. and Alyssa C. Our new BFF's. Jon is missing an "h", but we love him anyway. I hope he got to finally go to the Transformer movie and read Harry Potter.

Brian and Meggie. We think they should get married. Doesn't this look like an engagement picture? (She later ate that cookie)

We also got to see Alycesun C., a friend from last summer, who was nice enough to stop by and say "hi". We love her. Aly and Alyssa are going to room together. The boys better watch out. Heartbreakers.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Trek 2007

Kerry and I recently went on trek. We went to Martins Cove for 3 days. It was a great experience being on sacred ground with the YM and YW of our ward and stake. It involved a lot of being outside, which I normally don't enjoy, but we had a lot of fun. It was very hard and long, but there was also a great feeling to the place and the whole trip. I don't understand how the pioneers did it. We were only there 3 days and we were losing people to the heat and dehydration left and right. Our medical staff stayed very busy.

We pushed and pulled our handcart all over the place. Miles and miles. We gained a better appreciation for the song, "Pioneer children sang as they walked and walked and walked and walked and walked..."

We wore pioneer costumes for the three days. Kinda.

At one point, they separated the men from the women to simulate the men going off to march in the "Mormon Battalion". So the women had to push the handcart up the biggest hill. Kerry was a real trooper and probably could have done it by herself, with the kids in the back yelling "are we there yet?"

Even with all the work, the hardest part was the 6 hour school bus ride to get there. It was so long. But it gave us time to practice sign language with the others. (Kerry and I are both working on it. I think I am a little obsessed.)Anyway, yea Trek! Only three years until the next one. Which Tanner will be old enough to go to. That will be awesome.

Friday, July 6, 2007

The Bishop's Office

A couple of months ago our ward had a "Ward Movie Night." Each auxiliary had to make a funny movie. This is what the bishopric came up with. We won “best picture.” It is pretty silly. (you have to wait for a few seconds for it to start)