Saturday, June 28, 2008

Seven fast and full months

Our computer is really struggling, and I can't blog from work anymore, so I haven't done much with this all year. And I feel this guilt hanging over me because of it. (even though I doubt anyone visits) But, I have to start again. So, here are some of the milestones we reached....

- In December I offically got my black belt. The actual test was a horrible experience, but it is over. 6 years or so of work. I feel a nice sense of accomplishment, but not so much a sport as kind of a life style. I have been asked to teach a class at the school, but I just don't think I have the time.

-We all finished another year of school. The kids are excited to have a summer and are trying to forget everything they ever learned. Sadie is excited to be in the first grade, Kerry is exicted to have an empty house.

- Kerry and I just got back from EFY in Mississippi. it was so fun. (Is it bad that the highlight was hanging out with our friends Dave and Shelley, in the mansion where we stayed, and not the actual EFY stuff?) It is good for us to get away though. Grandma Robb came and stayed with the kids and they all had a ball.

-Our Guinea pig died. Very sad for Colby. Also sad for Kerry as she will not have a cage to clean anymore.

-Things at work and church just roll along, my student body is growing (I have two new teachers) and the ward just gets bigger every week. Keeping things staffed and finding room for everyone has been an adventure.

I am sure there are 100's of things I should have put in here, but it's probably just me reading this anyway. I am really good at keeping a journal...