Monday, June 25, 2007

The Utah Summer Games

I went to the Utah Summer Games this last week. I have been planning on this for nearly a year. I was so excited. It ended up being so disapointing. Because my belt and age are both so advanced, there wasn't anyone else in my brackets. So, I got gold medals, first place out of one person. They let me compete anyway, but it was meaningless. Here are some videos.

My form demonstration.

My weapons demonstration

Sparring round 1. (I'm in black)

Round 2

I am not sure I ever want to do this again. It was fun because it was karate, but the way the whole thing was run was pretty disapointing. Not only was there no one to compete with, but whenever judges are involved it is pretty wierd. But, I got 3 medals, and a t-shirt. It was such a long day, but it was really nice to be with Kerry. She was a real peach to drive with me 4 hours each way, then sit there all day to watch me for 5 minutes.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Family Fotos

We had a chance to take some pictures. We had a little trouble with Kyle and Kaden, but they turned out nice.

An Eight Year Head Start

One reason we had so many vistors this weekend was it was Colby's baptism. He is such a good boy and has been very serious about this big day. He prayed about the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and said he heard a voice say, "yes". We had even more visitors, like the Sainsbury's and the Chang's. We appreciate everyones support.

A House Full

We had lots of Robbs at our house this weekend. It was great. We were very glad that everyones vacations worked out so they could all come and visit at the same time. We had our 5, and Grandma Robb, Kyle, Shelby, Kaden, Adam, Angela, Brylan, Dysan, Makea, Devon, Michelle, and Grandpa. We had so much fun on the trampoline, in the swimming pool, badmitton, and turned the karate room into a dorm room for the kids.